Site Philosophy

In my fourth major relaunch of the site (since 2004), I have opted for the first time to use a CMS tool exclusively with minimal (so far no) edits to the HTML and CSS. I have also opted not to promote my past academic work and industry work samples in favor of a straight blog.

These decisions were made in order to keep the site both focused and simplistic. Previous iterations catered toward one audience while alienating the other or generally had a lot of noise content.

If you want to know about my academic work–do a Google scholar search on my name or e-mail me.

For my work history–see LinkedIn or e-mail me.

By focusing just on sharing articles and my perspectives on crafting experiences, I hope to be a valuable resource that takes a practical look at where where the field of UX / HCI / etc is headed with more than a dose of commentary. Dogmatic? Yes. But that’s part of what makes the experience and part of why I keep the comments enabled–I am always open to dissenting opinions.

Hopefully this latest attempt at the site and (eventual) relaunch of my newsletter will be a success, and I hope we all enjoy the ride along the way.

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